Busyness hurting Business?

A very busy Senior Executive took time out of his over-taxed schedule to meet with his physician about a medical condition that was bothering him.  Ultimately his doctor told him that he needed to make some lifestyle changes to address the situation.  The Executive was convinced his doctor was mistaken, after all he had been following his rigid schedule for decades and in his mind, it had gotten him to the level of success he had plotted out years ago.  As the Executive was heading back to the office, he considered scheduling a consultation with another physician to get a second opinion, but quickly dismissed it as he had far more important things to do.  The tyranny of his own agenda had convinced him he was on the right path, and in the end it would all work out.

As a senior leader in your organization you have many things demanding your time and attention; production control meetings, operational KPI’s, meeting with shareholders or customers, reviewing the P&L, forecast and performance to plan.  You believe,rightly so that your company has a great service offering or the solutions you provide will meet your customer’s needs and address their pain points.  In an ideal world, they would or should sell themselves.  If your business development team would only follow the prescribed path, your pipeline would be full.  Surely there is no need to hire a Consulting Firm.  After all they don’t know your business, services and market dynamics like you do.  How could they ever be a benefit to you to justify your two most precious commodities; time and money?

What are the Benefits of a 3rd Party Perspective?

All too often in business our teams and our organizations can become an echo chamber of ideas. Companies allow themselves to be closed off to new strategies, ideas,beliefs or data points simply because there is no neutral third-party perspective being considered.  Bringing in a Consulting firm can inject new life into a marketing and business development team that may be struggling to retain existing customers or capture new ones.  A neutral third-party can objectively and unemotionally examine a situation or business to identify pockets of organizational excellence that should be leveraged, and maybe identify a weakness not evident to those too close and too busy to see.

Some key advantages your organization can realize by bringing in a 3rd Party Consultant:

·        Cost containment and risk mitigation through a focused and well-defined deliverable

·        Time saved by leveraging experience and knowledge gleaned from real-life scenarios

·        A Customized Solution that is tailored to your specific industry and technology

ATG recognizes that your business and solutions are unique.  And while it might sound cliche, every organization can benefit from a second opinion. In the ever changing marketplace, the old adage of "what got you here won't get you there" continues to be powerfully true. Our team has experience with multiple industries, products and services and that knowledge can be leveraged to your advantage.  Contact ATG, and we can provide an initial assessment, scope out a SOW and then provide next steps that aid you with achieving Accelerated Tangible Growth.

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