Is Bigger Really Better?

Historically, the conventional wisdom has been that large companies are unbeatable, and they typically eat their smaller competitors for breakfast.  A few years ago, authors Jason Jennings and Laurence Haughton penned a book titled “It’s not the BIG that eat the SMALL…it’s the FAST that eat the SLOW” which was about how to use speed, not haste as a competitive advantage. Their main premise was that fast thinking, fast decisions and spotting trends before your competitors can allow smaller, yet nimbler organizations win business and gain market share over their larger and more bureaucratic rivals.  The agile company will maximize the economic opportunity, while a larger company will fall prey to “analysis-paralysis” and likely be late to the party.

ATG focuses on our Supply Chain Excellence expertise to assist your organization to identify ways to make you nimble and responsive and allow you to sustain that speed.  Smaller companies generally lack the component sourcing resources to effectively source custom-engineered components (mechanicals, metal fab, precision machined,plastics, cable/harnesses, etc.). Our Customers have found significant value from our supply chain expertise in identifying appropriate suppliers (both domestic and offshore). This brings various advantages to our Customers including potential cost downs and continuity of supply guarantees.

Experience that Leads to Solutions

ATG’s subject matter experts know all too well that Inventory shortages for electronic commodities have plagued all manufacturing facilities but particularly impacts small companies. These companies typically lack the spend leverage and broader supplier relationships that larger companies have. Our Customers have found significant value from our Team’s long tenure in the manufacturing world and the supplier relationships we have developed. ATG’s ability to infuse this knowledge of supplier networking has proven to be a catalytic tool that enables our Customer to more effectively integrate into the broader supplier world, compressing component lead-times and mitigating component supply shortages.

Sophisticated supply chain pull systems have become a main-stay in the modern manufacturing world. ATG brings to our Customers vast experience in developing such systems and customizing the supply chain solution to meet their unique need. These pull systems balance consumption with procurement which addresses the cost of capital issues with holding excess inventories.

The fallacy of many of the approaches is that one size fits all or there is always a single optimized approach.    We prefer to work directly with our customers to look at many approaches and collaboratively determine the best fit based upon quantitative modeling and determining customized solutions taking into consideration comfort, risk tolerance and the broader business plan.

ATG focuses on startups and smaller organizations that are looking for that competitive advantage to outpace their larger rivals.  Contact us today to learn how we can Accelerate your Tangible Growth.

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