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We provide Business Development enablement, marketing consulting and supply chain excellence services that accelerate profitable revenue growth and meeting your strategic goals.
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Supply Chain Solutions

How do you create Supply Chain agility, flexibility, responsiveness and the ability to adapt to forecast and demand fluctuations? How can you do it quickly, efficiently, and cost effectively?

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Benefits of Case Studies

How do you create brand awareness, capture the attention of new prospects, and market your organization to increase your revenue?

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Branding and Media

Brochures & Two Page Overviews

Our Subject Matter Experts can develop clear and concise marketing content to aid your Business Development Team with prospecting and cold calling.

Case Studies

Contact us to receive a free copy of our Case Study Guidelines Presentation.

White Papers

Contact us to receive information on what Engineers and Customers are looking for when they research White Papers.

Website Content

As an independent and unbiased 3rd Party, ATG can assess your website to determine areas for enhancement and improvement to clearly establish your UPV.

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Complete Marketing

Content Marketing

Sales and Marketing content that generate the results you desire without the costs you dread.

Social Media Analysis

Is social media right for you, and if so, which ones? How can you leverage social media to your advantage?

Trade Show Strategy & Prep

Review of Trade Show booths, content, SWAG, and your strategy to get the ROI for the hefty investment to attend.

Inbound & Outbound Marketing

What is more effective? Where should I budget my time and money? How do I get "found" with either option?

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Customer Experience

Customer Satisfaction Surveys

Customized survey content based on job description and services they are using; e.g. Commodity Management, Engineering or Quality. Third party interviews that provide a comfortable setting for candid and detailed feedback.

Customer Experience (Plant tour preparation)

Leverage plant tours and visits to your advantage. Obtain customer feedback on the effectiveness of their plant visit, your level of preparation, where their needs addressed, and how you compared to your competition.

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The Predictive Index Tools:

Practical Applications:

Identify High Potentials and Leaders
Identify leadership competencies, gaps & reinforce desired organizational culture.
Engage and Develop Employees
Mentoring, staff development create leaders at every level.
Increase Leader Effectiveness
Map leadership competencies, senior leaders' fit & managerial development processes.
Use Data to Drive Strategy
Intentional and data-driven solutions to understand your "people strategy"
Hire and Promote the Right People
Do candidates have the needed behavioral traits & cognitive abilities to succeed?
Accelerate Team Performance
Guide people to work together better & optimize team performance.
Cure Sales Slumps
Design, Hire, & Inspire to achieve the desired business results.

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